Meet eight-year-old Seeger Crawly : Transdev UK’s bus super fan


A trip in Sky Class luxury on the Cityzap express service between York and Leeds helped Seeger rediscover his confidence in using the buses and when Transdev UK heard about his story from his dad Jason, they rolled out the red carpet and welcomed him to a VIP tour of the Harrogate depot.

And Seeger had a surprise of his own up his sleeve for operation’s directors when he revealed his own idea for a new bus brand – Zipline!


A trip on Cityzap restored Seeger’s confidence in travelling by bus after some negative experiences elsewhere, and we’re delighted that going in style on our Sky Class luxury double deckers was just the tonic he needed to bring him safely back on board. We were so impressed by Seeger’s story that we decided to invite him and his dad Jason to be a VIP for a day at our Harrogate depot, and that’s when he told us about his idea to name some of our buses as Zipline. He’s even come up with his own colorful design to back up his suggestion – Seeger’s a real bus super-fan! It’s great to see Seeger go from being a non-user of buses to such a proud supporter, and hopefully that’ll stay with him as he grows up too.

Vitto Pizzuti, Transdev Operations Director 

Staff at Transdev’s Harrogate depot arranged for Seeger to enjoy a tour behind the scenes, including the workshops, bus wash and best of all, a chance to try the driver’s seat of a bus for size.

Vitto had the honor of showing Seeger around the depot – and while the young bus fan has some growing to do before he can take the wheel for real, his dad Jason says the VIP depot day has certainly made its mark.

There’s not been one day since his visit that Seeger hasn’t mentioned this excitedly, or his new best friend Vitto! I honestly can’t remember anything having such a huge effect on him. He can’t wait for school to start, so he can tell his friends!

Seeger’s father Jason 

Transdev says the numbers of people now back on board its buses after the pandemic are encouraging, with Seeger’s story expected to prompt more to come back to bus travel in Yorkshire.

For those wishing to follow in Seeger’s footsteps, full details of the Cityzap express between Leeds and York are online at: and on the free to download ‘Transdev Go’ mobile app.

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