Discover Transdev Live, the first issue of the external Transdev magazine


In this new magazine, we want to convey the identity of the Group and the 86,000 members of the team who find new, multimodal, safe and durable solutions for local issues and thereby contribute to the harmonious development of territories, with customised answers combining the best of the different modes of transport.


We wanted to render the Group’s new and differentiating experiences visible as well as the diversity of its offers and solutions, share the company culture of a group found throughout the world with an enriching content attesting to our references and our convictions.

This year, we propose two issues, available in both French and English, to accompany the announcement of two major meetings: the Transdev press conference on the annual results in Paris on April 1, 2015 and the National Public Transport Conference in Lyon from September 30 to October 2, 2015.

Wishing you an agreeable and informative read, we’ll meet again in September for the second issue.



2. Editorial
Go further, with client confidence

4. What’s new?
Greater energy-saving solutions for mobility

6. Success stories

8. Report
In Bavaria, Meridian invents the high-end regional train
Vannes Agglo hauls up its network

14. Beside you
Transdev Foundation: Create the bond to fight exclusion

16. Solutions that work
Airport solutions
The tramway to revamp the city

20. With the times
Transportation networks at the time of social networks

22. Tomorrow
What’s the ideal city for 2030?

24. They make Transdev

How can we help you to move forward?