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  • Éditorial : Together connecting new lines
  • What’s new? Creating new public strategies. Reinventing mobility that is accessible to all
  • Success stories
  • Report In Hong Kong trams, modernity meets tradition. In vitrolles chronopro gets you to work in a few clicks
  • By your side Fleetme combining ridesharing and public transit. Pop car the new-generation ridesharing sheme
  • Sign of the times Predictive marketing anticipating our customers’ travel needs
  • It’s tomorrow Three new working attitudes
  • They are Transdev

We must develop closer ties with public transport authorities, work with them on their mobility policy by proposing the most TOGETHER, CONNECTING NEW LINES With a new strategic plan, an enlarged and stable management team, and restructured capital, 2016 was undoubtedly a key year for Transdev. Heading of the Group since September, Thierry Mallet shares his vision and priorities for Transdev that will guide his actions in the coming months. suitable and the best solutions...

Thierry Mallet, Chairman and chief executive officer

Although the tramway holds a special place in people’s hearts, it is vital to make it increasingly attractive and competitive.

Antoine Sambin, Commercial and corporate affairs manager of Honk Kong tramways

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