Transdev train Snälltåget in Sweden donates food to the needy during the COVID-19 crisis


Due to the risk of the Coronavirus spreading, the decision was made last week that the ski resorts in Swedish mountains close. As a result, all planned traffic for Snälltåget, Transdev’s long distance rail service to Åre / Storlien and Vemdalen was greatly reduced and ceased operation already on April 5, two weeks earlier than planned. The same trend is also evident on our international night trains to Germany. The season’s first night train to Berlin should have departed from Malmö this weekend but will have to wait a few more weeks.

The season ends earlier for Snälltåget’s service to the mountains, but this does not prevent Snälltåget from making other efforts and contributing to society. Snälltåget in collaboration with its subcontractors Salads and Smoothies and Smakverkeri, contributed by donating the food that could not be sold to the needy. A total of 500 portions of food signed by chef Tareq Taylor, which would have been sold in the restaurant car, have now been donated to Scania Region City Mission.

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