Big Hearted Rail Employee 2021 Competition: Passengers can again submit their stories


The German “Big Hearted Rail Employee” competition is entering a new round. Employees from railway companies who have distinguished themselves through exceptional customer service can now be nominated for the coveted title. The Transdev Group, Germany’s largest private mobility provider, would also like to say thank you to rail workers in Germany for the competition.

Until the end of January 2021, the non-profit transportation partnership “Allianz pro Schiene”, is collecting stories about Customer Attendants, Train Managers or Train Drivers who have impressed their customers with their friendliness or willingness to help. In spring 2021, a jury will again choose the winners of the competition at German federal and state level.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Germany’s railway employees once again underlined how valuable it is for our society.

We want to honor these achievements, and so it would be great if many passengers take part in the competition again in the coming year and say thank you in this way. 

Dr. Tobias Heinemann, Management Spokesman of Transdev Germany

In the last round, two employees from Transdev Group made it into the top three places in the competition. The jury selected Christoph Angstl from the Bayerische Oberlandbahn as the national winner because he had rescued a woman who had fallen on the tracks in the literal last seconds from the approaching train. His colleague Tamara Lang, also from the Bayerische Oberlandbahn, gave first aid to a passenger with circulatory problems – he celebrated her as an “angel in need”. Second place went to Mirko Mai, who, a Customer Attendant for Deutsche Bahn, looked after Eintracht Frankfurt fans perfectly on their journey to the games and thus contributed to a peaceful, harmonious atmosphere.

From November 2020, the nominees will be presented again in an online gallery with their story and a short biography. All information about the competition and the submission of the stories can be found at:

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