Transdev’s 7th Annual International Scheduling Competency Center Conference

Participants to Transdev's 7th Annual International Scheduling Competency Center Conference

In late September more than twenty participants from 6 different countries in the Transdev Scheduling Competency Center met in Pittsburgh, PA (USA) to discuss several topics that concern all our operations, globally.

In great collaboration with the Group HR Department, one of the main topics for discussion was “dealing with workforce shortage” and how the scheduling community can assist with this important issue facing not only Transdev Group, but the whole transit industry as a whole.

After an introduction of the trends in the market, team members from Transdev in the Netherlands presented their very successful pilot project focused on making the work of our drivers more attractive. This led to great discussions with examples from all around the Transdev world, and many great ideas and solutions were shared.

On the second day the team members from Australasia shared their approach to the entire cycle from network development, scheduling, and rostering to operations. In particular the different tools they use and have developed were very interesting and sparked again some great discussions.

The conference ended as always with interesting presentations from some of our main vendors of the solutions we use in Transdev for Scheduling and Rostering, detailing their roadmap for the next year.

During the coming year the team will collaborate closely again, working on expanding the efforts to deal with our workforce shortage.

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