Xiao Cornic: a train driver and sales agent passionate about customers

xiao conductrice de train transdev xiao

What is your job with Transdev?

As a driver, I transport customers between Lyon- Saint Exupéry airport and Lyon Part Dieu train station in complete safety and punctuality. As a commercial agent, I welcome customers on the platform, help them buy tickets from the ticket vending machine if necessary, guide them to get comfortable on the train, inform them about their itinerary and  answer their questions, validate their tickets, and accompany them throughout the journey.

How does your job make sense in context of our Group’s purpose?

In Lyon, the Rhônexpress airport shuttle is one of the most ecological and practical means of transportation. The journey takes around 30 minutes between the airport and Lyon Part Dieu. We have 4 stations in total, each station is served by subways, buses and trams. Customers can reach us without difficulty.

On board the train, customers benefit from various comforts: free WIFI, luggage storage, electrical outlets, air-conditioned space, self-service magazines / tourist guides, purchase of public transit tickets on board… All this allows customers to spend a serene and pleasant moment during their trip.

We have regular trainings on rail safety and passenger transport in order to offer an optimum service.

How did you become a train driver?

During my training as a ground handling agent, I had the opportunity to do an internship at Rhônexpress as a sales agent, and this allowed me to discover the profession of driver. Driving a 50-ton vehicle… I found that impressive! So, I wanted to know a little more and why not learn to drive, even if I never thought for a second that I would one day be a train driver. But when I knew that I had the possibility of becoming a driver, I did not hesitate, and I always thank Rhônexpress for giving me the opportunity to have this extraordinary experience in my life.

Tell us a few words about your professional career…

After graduating in Journalism in China, I came to France to learn French. I studied at the University of Lyon 2 for the French language and then I did a year at the University of Grenoble 3 in a master’s degree in information and communication research. Finally, I trained as a ground handling agent at ESIMA (International Higher School of Airline Trades) and then I worked at Rhônexpress.

What are you most proud of in your career?

As a foreigner, going through all the stages until becoming a train driver is not easy. I am very proud that I did not drop in the middle of the path. Now I am a mother and my children are very proud that I am driving a train, it encourages me a lot. It is also a source of pride as a mother.

Did you have role models?

I don’t have role models, but I learn things from everyone around me every day.

Your advice for a future employee?

Self-confidence, self-discipline, knowing how to manage stress, knowing how to manage family and professional life, be responsive and be able to adapt to all circumstances.

How can we help you to move forward?