The 11th edition of IN’PULSE programme

11th edition of IN’PULSE

From November 27 to 29, 26 managers from 10 different countries participated in the 11th edition of IN’PULSE..

During these three days, the participants worked on the Group’s Moving You strategy and exchanged about their practices while widening their Transdev network and their knowledge on the Group’s organization. About 30 internal facilitators shared their expertise and the challenges of their field: strategy, CSR, human resources, institutional relations, business development, data, health & safety… 

On the 3rd day, a collaborative workshop (the mobility fresco) was organized to raise participant’s awareness on the carbon challenges of mobility. This workshop was an opportunity for the participants to exchange with Virginie Fernandes (Group Strategy & Transformation Director), Caroline Gonin (Group Chief Human Resources & Corporate Social Responsibility Officer), and Michel Ladrak (Group Technical Director). 

Thank you to all facilitators for their implication and the participants for their enthusiasm. We look forward to seeing you in June for the INPULSE 12th edition!

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