European Mobility Expo : two Transdev drivers are awarded at the Gold Bus competition

European Mobility Expo Bus d'or

European Mobility Expo: two Transdev drivers are awarded at the Gold Bus competition Over 55 public transit networks – including 13 Transdev networks – took part in the Golden Bus competition as part of the European Mobility Expo in Paris on June 7-9, 2022. This competition rewards the best drivers based on theoretical knowledge and practical driving tests. Among them, two French drivers, Guillaume Levasseur from Rouen and Atef Djenna from Avignon were awarded.

The drivers were evaluated on six qualification tests (written exam, technical driving on a circuit, its impact in terms of sustainable development, accessibility, customer relations in real conditions on a bus route in Paris).

On Thursday, June 9, Caroline Gonin, Group Chief Human Resources Officer, presented awards to two of the Transdev drivers.

The first award was present to Guillaume Levasseur who finished 4th best driver out of the 10 finalists. Guillaume began his career with the Group at Transdev Normandie where he held various positions for 9 years, including 7 years as a tour coach driver, which allowed him to travel throughout Europe. For 3 years, he has been a driver with Transdev in Rouen. When asked why he became a driver, Guillaume mentioned his passion for driving. To go to school, he used to take the bus, and he liked to stand in front and watch the driver. He used to tell his classmates that he would do this job later! Finishing 4th best driver was « incredible » for Guillaume and he explains this great performance by his experience in tourism, which allowed him to master the most complicated maneuvers.

The second award went to Atef Djenna (bus driver in Avignon in the south of France) in the category of the best « young driver ».

Atef Djenna joined Transdev in June 2021 in our Avignon subsidiary. Atef is a very appreciated team member by his colleagues and his managers who underline his commercial qualities and his irreproachable conduct. When his colleagues talk about him, they mention his even temperament, his ability to be of service and his punctuality. Indeed, Atef attaches a lot of importance to respecting the schedule of the stops. When asked what he appreciated about the competition, he mentions the great encounters, the friendly atmosphere between the trainers and the drivers and the permanent spirit of mutual help between all the competitors.

Congratulations to our two award winners!

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