Transdev’s Training Program for Directors and Network Managers in France


The 5th edition of the Transdev’s Management program in France was launched at the end of May with  13 participants including 7 women. During the 9 month-long program they will further develop their skills in network management and benefit from the support of a tight collegial network.

This program aims at supporting directors and future directors in their daily lives, through various modules focused on the posture of director, leadership development as well as on business or technical aspects. The topics covered will be varied: negotiations, fleet management, public transit authority relations…

The 10 competencies of the we@transdev Group Management model are the common thread of the course, with in particular a collective work of appropriating it from the first day and training times specifically dedicated to leadership.

Throughout the 16 days of training spread over 9 months, Transdev business experts and network Directors will share their experience in the various topics covered in the form of expertise, sharing of best practices and testimonials. This was the case from day one, with a welcome provided by Anne-Laure Nolleau and Sylvain Picard and time for discussion with two regional directors, Stéphane Anton and Ludovic Martin.

During the program, participants will deepen their knowledge of the Group and of the profession of Network Manager / Director, while sharing best practices and developing their network. From the first day, a spirit of collaboration was created.

Finally, when the program closes in January 2022, participants will present an operational and managerial pitch to General Management.

We are delighted to support them in taking up their position and wish them good luck with training program

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