Transdev in the Netherlands rebrands its Training Academy


Marlene van Winden, Chief Human Resources Officer of Transdev Netherlands and Adrie Schalkwijk, Transdev Academy Manager in front of the new instruction bus (Photo credit Wouter Bianchi).

Transdev Netherlands recently rebranded its Training Academy with a new logo in line with the Group Branding Guidelines as well as introduced four new teaching vehicles.

We went from Connexxion Academy to Transdev Academy. The new logo shows that we are part of Transdev. Our services are not only for colleagues from the Transdev subsidiary, Connexxion, but for everyone who is part of Transdev Netherlands. 

Adrie Schalkwijk, Transdev Training Academy Manager

The new logo can be seen, among other things, in the Digital Learning System, at the entrance of the Academy and in the email signature of colleagues at the Transdev Academy.

In addition to the new logo, new training vehicles have also been introduced. Four vehicles of the Iveco 13-meter version from the Amstelland Meerlanden (AML) operation have been converted into teaching vehicles.

In consultation with the instructors, we have changed the construction of the instructor’s seat and the mirror arrangement has also been modified. In the coming years, we will be expanding the number of training buses further to 11 and so future drivers of Transdev NL can work together with the instructors of the Academy to further professionalize the beautiful profession of bus driver.

Adrie Schalkwijk, Transdev Training Academy Manager

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