Transdev in Melbourne keeps score to help improve driver performance


Phou Kittikhoum has been driving buses since 1984 and recently beat more than 1100 bus drivers to be recognized as Transdev Melbourne’s top performing driver achieving 98.5% punctuality in 2021.

The Doncaster driver is modest when talking about his achievement but says his experience makes him a good driver, “I have been driving buses for many years and put into practice my training every day. I also continue to learn every day which helps me improve my driving skills.”

Transdev Melbourne recently introduced driver scorecards which provide its driver management team and drivers with data about individual drivers.

The scorecards help our Driver Managers have conversations with drivers about where they are performing well and what areas they may need to focus on.

Graham Smith, Head of Operations, Transdev Melbourne

The driver scorecard is used as a tool which records locations, times and dates of various performance measures for each individual driver. It is then used by the driver management team to inform drivers when an issue has occurred and to identify potential issues on the network. The data gained from the scorecard has also enabled Transdev to work with the Department of Transport to change timing points for some services to ensure they operate more efficiently.

The scorecard is also being rolled-out across Transdev Australasia’s employee app so bus drivers can access data about their performance to identify strengths and focus areas for each individual.

It’s always good to get feedback on your performance. You spend most of the day in the bus driving by yourself and there aren’t opportunities to know how you are performing, so the scorecard is really helpful in giving me that information.

Phou Kittikhoum, Driver

Graham says the scorecards also play in important part in recognizing top performing drivers and acknowledging individual drivers for their contributions towards meeting some of the toughest punctuality and reliability targets in the bus industry.

We would not be able to achieve the amazing results we have without our drivers. I believe saying thank you is really important. It’s a simple thing we can do to make our people feel valued and to recognize a job well done.

Graham Smith, Head of Operations, Transdev Melbourne

This article originally appeared in the Journey Maker News published by Transdev Melbourne on August 25, 2021

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