Successful closing session for the 7th edition of the In’Pulse program


The 19 participants of this 7th edition of In’Pulse leave enriched and ready to implement the program’s lessons in their respective businesses. At the end of November, the last session of the In’Pulse program took place, marking the end of this 7th edition.

At Transdev, we are people centric. This is why their integration is a major step in their careers.

Considering the specific times, we are experiencing, it was all the more important to maintain this onboarding seminar to engage our managers and to create opportunities for collaboration.

Ludovica Dugue-Kelling, Transdev Group Learning Manager

In’Pulse is the Group’s integration solution for newly appointed managers, aiming at providing a global knowledge of the Group’s strategic and operational issues. As one participant stated, It was good to know the business movements of recent years and Transdev’s strategy for the future and repositioning in some markets to increase its share”.  

These 19 managers, 50% of whom are women, from 10 different countries, participate in this program to acquire a better strategic understanding of the Group, to discover the different business lines and the programs that structure our organization.

At the end of the session, the participants had the opportunity to present their pitch to 5 members of the Executive Committee :

Martin Becker-Rethmann (CEO Germany), Virginie Fernandes (Group Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer), Caroline Gonin (Group Chief Human Resources Officer), Edouard Hénaut (CEO France and Group Security), Laura Hendricks (CEO USA).

This session was rich in exchanges and gave them the opportunity to enlarge their international internal network.

The multiculturality of the group and the team spirit were real assets for the success of the 7th edition and the participants went back to their operations ready to share the best practices of the program.

We look forward to seeing you at the next edition of the program in spring 2022.

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