Transdev Journey Maker: Rosie Fa’i is a well-known friendly face for Wellington commuters in New Zealand


Rosie Fa’i is a friendly face for many of our Wellington rail customers with a genuine passion for the local community.

As a ticketing sales agent, Rosie spends most of her day interacting and helping customers who may need a bit of extra support.

My typical day is busy from the time I open my window to closing time which I love. I love interacting with customers and having a laugh with them through the window. It’s really rewarding for me when I can help customers who may need extra assistance. Sometimes we have customers with vision impairment who I help escort on to the train. It’s just one of the small extra gestures we do here for the customers.

Rosie Fa’i, Ticketing Sales Agent

An initiative Rosie is particularly proud of in Wellington is the payment notice system. “We have these payment notices on the train for people who have forgotten their tickets and may not have cash on board. We are lucky to have these customers travel on our rail, so it makes sense that we get them home or to work and they come back and pay us when they have the fare. I have had really positive feedback about this.

“Personally, I love trains and buses to get around. You travel on hassle-free, relaxing traffic routes, with no need to look for parking spaces.”

For Rosie, the journey at Transdev is shaped by the friendships she has made “Being able to work and laugh with some great work friends we make in my work journey.”

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