“On The Launch Pad” : successfull second Learning Expedition

Participants On The Launch Pad

On The Launch Pad participants turned this week around Business @transdev into a positive, intercultural and unifying event. Thanks to their active learning, their curiosity, and their adaptability to the entirely remote format, they were able to develop a strong promotional spirit and a fruitful emulation during the different suggested workshops and exercises.

On The Launch Pad is a Transdev graduate program dedicated to the Group’s young talent in order to accelerate their career path by offering them a global vision of Transdev, both strategic and operational.

Participants especially pitched their work on Diversity and Inclusion in front of all the country Human Resource Directors, who particularly appreciated the exercise and the level of the content.

Participants came away from this experience with a complete overview of the business and its various aspects: Strategy, Project Management, Finance, etc.

As they said, the Learning Expedition was « very rich in terms of content. It allowed us to acquire a lot of knowledge and get to know how the business runs in Transdev”.

A big thank you to all the speakers for having made this great week a highlight of the program.

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