New partnership supports Transdev team development efforts in the USA

2 Transdev employees (a black woman and a black man) wearing reflective safety vests during a training session

Like many companies across North America, Transdev US has been affected by the recent labor shortage. However, since our team is committed to empowering people with the freedom to move everyday with safe and reliable mobility solutions – succumbing to the labor challenges is not an option. Hence, the North American team moved its team development efforts into an even higher gear.

We have developed partnerships with various organizations to help expand our search for employees – specifically drivers and mechanics. Our partners reached out to various international markets in search of potential employees who could match our needs.

Derrick Breun, Transdev RVP for the Mountain region

The international candidates are often looking for opportunities to work in other countries for various reasons – from refugee status to simply wanting an opportunity to work in the United States or to better support their families.

Transdev’s partner agencies conduct recruiting fairs on its behalf and then organize virtual interviews for the hiring managers. Once viable candidates have been identified, Transdev facilitate the logistics required for the new employees’ arrival to the U.S., including travel, visa, and housing.

The local teams in Fairfax County, Virginia and Phoenix, Arizona are currently looking to place 10 employees in each location using these partnership programs.

We took inspiration and replicated the best practice from our colleagues in Canada, who have been experiencing the same labor challenges. My Canadian colleagues launched their program two years ago and have had great success. The advantages of being part of a great multi-national company like Transdev is that we can learn about various programs and best practices from around the world and then try to replicate them in our markets when possible. This is just one example.

Derrick Breun, Transdev RVP for the Mountain region

The goal is to have our new employees on-site in our Phoenix and Fairfax locations by January 2023.

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