Meet Laurianne from the Transdev Autonomous Transport Systems team


Meet Laurianne from the Transdev Autonomous Transport Systems team:

This morning Laurianne is reviewing the daily tests organization with her “Embedded Intelligence” team and all other safety and test engineers involved. Here the key words are test, improve and repeat! 

This is a familiar environment for a motorsport enthusiast…

“I started my career at PSA as an automotive engineer, attracted by the technical complexity of a combustion engine. Soon, as I wanted to contribute making mobility more sustainable, I took on a challenge by diving into hybrid and electric vehicle technology. It was then a logic transition to be part of this adventure at Transdev Autonomous Transport Systems and help future mobility solution to scale into public transportation.” 

Laurianne doesn’t work on engines anymore, but her job is still very tangible.

She coordinates the Embedded team’s activities, looks for the best technical partners and manages the progress of the developments: “with autonomous transport systems we increase the challenge even further by exploring complex software, a system approach and playing with the highest – and sometimes not even written – safety and quality standards. We are working with leading international players to build our future. That makes my daily activities super stimulating.”

Laurianne and the Embedded Intelligence team’s main mission include:  

  • Finding the best technical partners: “our partners provide the autonomous vehicles: public transportation platforms and driving stack technology. We must guarantee their integration into our system”; 
  • Developing in-hourse embedded technology to ensure excellent passenger experiences and safety: “we work from the functional design to the integration and validation, in particular through vehicle testing”;
  • Participating in the validation of the vehicle: “we co-develop the i-Cristal shuttle with our partners, the first vehicle we will integrate and deploy, to plug our technology and push the market to the global level of performances our clients are waiting for. In order to achieve this, we collaborate with the simulation team to validate, first the vehicle, and then the overall system”.

Clearly the Embedded Intelligence team works closely with the Supervision team, which develops the system’s “control tower”. Our embedded technology in the shuttles sends essential information to the supervision, such as its progress on the assigned route, its sub-systems health and ensure a link with passengers. The supervision “displays data in real time that the operator can use to take the appropriate decisions to optimize its service”.

All of these activities are key ingredients to ensure the safety and seamlessness of our passengers’ journey!

What drives Laurianne and her team is bringing technology into people’s lives: “we don’t create technology for a trade show. Our goal is to improve transportation and thus the daily lives of millions of people!”

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