Discover the jobs of the Transdev Autonomous Transport Systems team


Discover the diversity of profiles and skills gathered within the Autonomous Transport System team, based at mobiLAB in Satory!

These international experts come from different sectors (automotive, robotics, artificial intelligence, railway industry, aeronautics, mobility services…). The team counts 17 different nationalities, the average age is 35 and the management team is completely gender balanced!

Passionate and enthusiastic, the employees of Transdev Autonomous Transport Systems work in collaboration with the Group’s various businesses and subsidiaries around the world. They work towards the deployment of autonomous vehicles integrated into transport networks, while enabling transport operators to optimize their quality of service and passenger experience.

Find out more about their job, their motivation and their advice

  • Stéphanie, R&D Project Manager who manages the co-development of the i-Cristal autonomous shuttle with our partners, Lohr Industrie and Torc Robotics;
  • Albéric, FOT Project Manager, works closely alongside the team and all partners to ensure the roll-out on the field of autonomous mobility technologies;
  • Marion, Simulation Manager, who designs a co-simulation infrastructure to analyze and to validate autonomous driving functions;
  • Jean-Michel, Certification and Validation Manager, who deals with various technical subjects: data, validation, certification;
  • Myriam, Supervision Manager, who manages the team that writes the specifications, develops and rolls out Supervision;
  • Vincent, Embedded Intelligence Developer, who designs, integrates and tests technological bricks on the autonomous vehicles.
  • Laurianne, Onboard Intelligence Team Manager, who oversees the Embedded Intelligence component and develops technological building blocks for autonomous driving system;
  • Toufik, Operations Manager, who deploys our Autonomous Transport operations and provides training for security operators on board our shuttles;
  • Thomas, Vehicle and User Experience Manager, specialized in human factors, he focuses on ergonomics management and UX on our autonomous vehicles;
  • Nicolas, Safety Manager, who ensures the safety of our systems at every stage of the development;
  • Naïma, Functional architecture manager (electrical and electronic), who defines the interfaces and functional requirements of the different subsystems;
  • Kien-Cuong, Monitoring System Lead Developer who develops a supervision system for our mobility services with autonomous vehicles.
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