Jessica Ortega: Chilean pioneer serving the common good with love and faith

jessica ortega-chilean-pioneer-serving-common-good-love-faith

Jessica Ortega is a wife, mother and grandmother who proudly manages all her roles including that of serving the common good by managing four partner vans under the Redvan brand, a Transdev subsidiary providing employee and business transportation services in Santiago, Chile.

We recently sat down with Jessica to learn more about what drives her daily and what keeps her going to develop her business and serving her community.

What is your job with Transdev?

I manage my husband’s Redvan vehicles and I have been a driver since the beginning of Redvan’s Operations. I am a pioneer in this company by being one of the first women.

How does your job make sense in context of our Group’s purpose?

I always give the best of me; I treat the passengers well so that they feel comfortable and safe during the trip. For me, it is gratifying to make someone’s day and to ensure their mobility in a safe and sustainable way.

How did you become a driver and Redvan partner?

My husband had been working for Redbus Urbano (Transdev’s urban bus network in Santiago, Chile) for 12 years and in 2018 they gave him the opportunity to develop his own business by becoming a partner with Redvan. I, as the woman of the house, took charge of the business and started to get behind the wheel.

Tell us a few words about your professional career…

Before joining Redvan, I worked in school transportation. I worked in this field for a long time because I am passionate about driving and I have been behind the wheel since I was young. At the same time, I took care of my home and family. My role as a housewife has always been in my duties; even now I am still a housewife and I work for Redvan. I would therefore describe my professional career in 3 words: tenacity, perseverance and a lot of effort.

What are you most proud of in your career?

What I am most proud of is that my husband and I started with one van and now we have 4 vehicles. I feel that I am growing with my two families: my husband, daughter and grandchildren, and of course Redvan.

Did you have role models?

My husband: from him I have learned that loyalty and responsibility are the key to success, his name is Jorge Gutierrez. He works for Redbus, one of Transdev subsidiaries and a sister company of Redvan.

Your advice for a future employee?

I would advise future employees to do things with love and faith, to be supportive. This is the dynamic that we should all have in this field

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