Interview of Boy Hendriks : “A seamless customer experience transcends mobility”

Boy Hendriks, Innovation and Business Development Manager with Transdev Netherlands

The latest issue of Intelligent Transport (Issue 3, 2022) is featuring an In-Focus article with Boy Hendriks, Innovation & Business Development Manager with Transdev Netherlands. In the article Boy provides insights into the trial of Transdev’s new Be-In-Be-Out contactless ticketing service and explains why it is important to embrace innovation to enhance the customer experience and deliver convenient, easy‑to‑use public transit services.

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Intelligent Transport Issue 3 2022

In this issue, Intelligent Transport has brought together a range of industry experts (Boy being one of them) to share their thoughts on what the future of the mobility industry may look like, as they offer their predictions for what is to come over the next five years.

At Transdev, innovation is at the heart of the organization and sharing new experiences in a broader perspective is key. Working together as mobility companies, stakeholders, and partners to improve the customer experience is key for the future of mobility. It is exiting to be working in an organization that is seen as a front runner in realizing and co-creating this future.

Boy Hendriks, Innovation & Business Development Manager, Transdev Netherlands

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