Hire a veteran day in Transdev North America

Veteran Day

Transdev North Amercia is proud that many veterans have chosen our company for their second career. Many of the skills veterans acquired while in the military transfer nicely to our business – whether it’s a direct skills transfer (maintenance etc.) or the softer skills around leadership, teamwork, good communication, and pride in the work done – they all have a place at Transdev.

Since 2017, July 25th has been recognized as National Hire A Veteran Day. The day was established by Marine Corps veteran Dan Caporale. Interestingly enough, 2017 was also the year that the “Honoring Investments in Recruiting and Employing American Military Veterans Act of 2017” (HIRE Vets Act) was passed.

To make it easier for veterans to find the job best suited for them, we have created a specific page on the careers portion of our website dedicated to veterans where interested job seekers can search for job openings by entering their military job title or military occupational code (MOC).

Take a look at the video below and hear what current employees, who started a career with Transdev after their military service, have to say about making the transition.

If you know a veteran who would make a great addition to the Transdev family, feel free to direct them to our veterans’ career site.

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