Great start for Transdev’s Women’s mentoring program second edition

Mentees at Transdev's Women’s mentoring program second edition

Last week, the kick-off for the 2nd edition of the Women’s mentoring program by the Executive Committee took place at Group headquarters in Paris. With this program, Transdev confirms that mentoring is a lever for leadership to include all styles of leadership. The program is a hallmark of the Group’s commitment to develop Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at all company levels, to serve performance, innovation but also attractivity as an employer of choice.

The 9 mentees coming from the US, France, Australia/New Zealand Sweden, Germany, Canada and the Netherlands, could then meet their mentor and define with them their objectives throughout the program. They also had two half-day training sessions on mentoring and its best practices, but also on the different styles of leadership and the stakes of Women’s leadership in 2022.

For almost a year, mentees and mentors will have monthly meetings, engaging caring and transparent discussions, with a main objective: fostering reciprocal development sharing each one’s best practices and experiences. These discussions will allow the mentees to define and implement their action plan in the future.

By the end of the kick-off, a genuine group dynamic developed between the mentees. As one of them stated, « I am coming back in my operations both inspired and excited by the program and by the wonderful women I met during these 2 days. »

We wish all mentees and mentors – the most inspiring and rewarding mentoring experience!

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