COVID-19 crisis: Redbus Urbano in Transdev Chile says thanks to all employees

redbus urbano

In response to the extraordinary circumstances affecting us all, both professionally and personally, by the COVID-19 crisis, the Management Team of Transdev’s operation in Santiago de Chile, Redbus Urbano, would like to thank all the employees for being on the frontline and for maintaining our part of the capitol’s public transportation system.

We are, thanks to all of our employees, despite this very complex situation, providing transportation services to over 70,000 passengers every day that depend on us for their daily lives.

To all “Redbusinos” and “Redbusinas”, as the men and women of Redbus Urbano are known, we say thanks; thanks for all the hard work; thanks for the everyday dedication; and thanks for providing mobility to Santiago’s inhabitants that must travel every day.

Learn more about Redbus Urbano and all of its employees view the video below.

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