Staff at Luas in Dublin makes national headlines with their heroic work during the Coronavirus crisis


Luas Security officer Alan Mc Crohan, a proud Kerryman, when not working as a security officer on board the Luas trams, Transdev’s light rail network in Dublin, is working as a volunteer for Blood Bikes East.

Blood Bikes East provides an emergency medical transport service between the hospitals in Dublin city and the greater Dublin area.  A volunteer all year round, nowadays Alan is transporting COVID -19 tests for sampling, however it could be blood, breast milk, medical products, test results or even transplant related tissue.

When we called Alan the other day to ask him to do this piece for the Irish media and for My Transdev he replied, “No problem, but it will have to be tomorrow as I have a bike full of samples and I’m off to the laboratory” !  Bravo Alan – Keep up the good work.

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