COVID-19 crisis: Queensland bus cleaning team


COVID-19 has affected the way each of us work. One of the greatest areas impacted have been our fleet and facilities cleaning teams. For our Queensland bus team, their work has increased dramatically.

Together, Gary, David, Laurena, Anthony, Phyllis and Vince are devoting 100 additional hours of internal vehicle cleaning to their weekly regime, focusing on passenger and driver touchpoints such as the driver console, handles, windows and seats.

The rate of work is hectic. When buses return to the Depot in the morning, we have only a small window of time to get them cleaned and sanitised before they go back out in the afternoon.


The work that we and our drivers do to keep our services and offices clean is so important. By sanitizing, we are killing germs and stopping the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses, which potentially may save someone’s life.


As part of the response to COVID-19 the team have introduced several measures including sanitation of air-conditioning units, driver cleaning kits, and social distance spaces on vehicles. Unfortunately for some of the team the cleaning never stops.

It follows you. As I have teenage kids, cleaning is still there when I get home from work. Sometimes you dream about it.


They think : “We have a great, close-knit team, so that makes the work we do a lot of fun!”

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