Keeping well and connected throughout COVID-19 in Australia


COVID-19 has meant change for many; learning new technologies, juggling remote learning and work and isolation from colleagues and loved ones has left some feeling disconnected, stressed and anxious.

To keep our people connected and support their wellbeing Transdev in Melbourne implemented a virtual wellbeing program of seminars and events.

This year has thrown up so many unexpected challenges both personally and professionally.

Despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, we are finding new ways to help our people stay connected with each other and to provide them with access to resources to help keep them, and their families healthy and happy.

Megan Townsend, Head of People and Culture, Transdev Melbourne

One of the training modules on offer focuses on building personal resilience, providing tips and strategies on remaining calm and controlled during challenging situations and difficult times.

The aim of the training, which has been developed with the frontline staff in mind, is to help team members develop mechanisms to cope with stressful situations and incidents of customer aggression while driving on the transit network.

Other online seminars being offered to Transdev Melbourne staff include practical strategies for supporting children during COVID-19, managing burnout and fatigue and tips on nutrition and diet.

This year we also marked RUOK? Day with a week-long focus on mental health, providing tips and resources to help team members stay connected with colleagues, family and friends.

Over the course of the week, the local team shared information and practical strategies about how to stay connected when in isolation, how to ask someone if they are OK and how to check in with colleagues after an initial conversation.

The focus on wellbeing has extended beyond Melbourne to our colleagues across Australia and New Zealand via a dedicated 6-week program involving online fitness training, mindfulness activities and social catch-ups including virtual quizzes and karaoke to help our teams stay connected.

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