Christine Joshua : “An internship at Sydney Ferries kick-started my career”

Christine Joshua sitting in front of her computer at Sidney Ferries

With operations in 18 countries and over 82,000 team members around the world, Transdev Group offers an attractive and interesting career development in an international context. Attracting and retaining young talents is one of our key priorities which is why, this time, we caught up with Christine Joshua, who started her Transdev life as an intern with our Sydney Ferries operations and was recently taken on full time. 

How long did you intern with Transdev? 

I was fortunate enough to be an intern with Transdev Sydney Ferries for four months, while I completed my final semester of uni. I recently graduate from the University of Macquarie with a BA in Commerce, majoring in Marketing Management and International Business.

What drew you to interning?

My goal in interning was to gain work experience and develop practical skills, working closely with Anne-Laure [Saluden] and Joana [Feiteira] who mentored me during the 16 weeks I was interning.

What kind of real-world experience did you gain by interning with Sydney Ferries?

I had the opportunity to research, prepare and support delivering online focus groups with real customers, under the guidance of my mentors. I helped create discussion plans and guides for each customer segment, which helped us get quality insights, and it was fantastic to see that the feedback from customers during the sessions was overwhelmingly positive, testament to the outstanding reputation that Sydney Ferries maintain.

Additionally, I also on occasion would help the team with posts for social media and the MyTransdev app, which was great as I’m passionate about writing.

What’s something you perhaps didn’t expect to learn? 

I wouldn’t say I didn’t expect this, but the importance of effective communication was really drive home to me. I observed the interactions between my mentors and other management teams daily and found that having an approachable, communicative style was a big part of what helped make working at Sydney Ferries inviting and unique.

What was one of the highlights for you while interning? 

There was a day where one of my mentors led me on a tour of the different offices and the Sydney Ferries network, including Balmain Shipyard and Circular Quay. Even though the encounters were short, meeting all the various staff across Sydney Ferries and learning about the different roles they played was an enlightening and enjoyable experience.

Anything else you’d like to share? 

I’ve had an amazing time here as an intern and that’s because I was fortunate enough to work with a great team. I’d like to thank my mentors for their guidance and support throughout my time here and everyone at Sydney Ferries for their generosity, hospitality and for having me.

*Since this interview was conducted, Christine is working fulltime at Transdev Sydney Ferries supporting Diversity and Inclusion initiatives under People & Culture, having now completed her studies. It’s a great example of what someone could learn interning with Transdev, so consider how someone might benefit from working in your side of the business.

*This article was originally published in the July Edition of Transdev Talk (the Australia and New Zealand Transdev News wrap-up)

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