Bianca Corinna Scheibeck gets “gold at the wheel”


Bianca Corinna Scheibeck drives as a bus driver for the company Württembergische Bus Gesellschaft (WBG) around Kirchheim unter Teck and has been elected "Bus Driver of the Year" this year.

 She was congratulated on this award on 27.07.2023 by the Esslingen District Administrator Heinz
Eininger , WBG CEO Horst Windeisen and VVS Managing Director Thomas Hachenberger . As a prize,
the winner will receive a shopping voucher worth 200 euros, which she can redeem in various stores
in Kirchheim

Becoming a bus driver – that was a childhood dream for the 43 year old, which she fulfilled in 2001.
Since then, she has been behind the wheel for her passengers.

“I particularly like the job of bus driver for a number of reasons. Watching the sunrise from the bus in
the morning is always wonderful. I also like the fact that every day is different and that I have contact
with all kinds of people in my job, from young to old.”

Bianca Corinna Scheibeck

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