Apprentice Tuba Nur Turan enjoys empowering freedom to move


Tuba Nur Turan is 21 years old and comes from Berlin. An internship during her school days aroused her curiosity for the area of ​​General Accounting. Since August 2019 she has been supporting the Accounting and Taxes Department at Transdev in Berlin, Germany, where she is completing her training as an Office Management Assistant.

Tuba, how did you end up at Transdev to complete an apprenticeship as an Office Management Assistant?

In the ninth grade you usually do a technical internship and I was lucky enough to do my internship at the Citizens Registration Office. I had a lot of fun and decided to work in this area later. So, I already knew that after graduating from high school, I would be drawn to general accounting.

And why Transdev?

In fact, it was more of a coincidence. I came across the position at Transdev while looking for an apprenticeship position. When I saw it, I immediately thought to myself: A good and exciting job, right on Friedrichstrasse, I don’t want to miss it!

What makes the apprenticeship so interesting for you?

Definitely the variety of the training. I think the opportunity to get to know several departments and different areas is great.

Which areas have you already got to know at Transdev?

The department in which I work – the Accounting and Tax Department – is split up into different areas. For example, I’m currently working in Receivables Management, but I’m also very busy in General Accounting.

Otherwise, in the course of my training, I already got an insight into the central services, the legal department and the communication & branding department within the Transdev Holding.

What does a typical working day look like for you? Which activities do you particularly enjoy?

Usually, my first to-do of the day is processing emails. In accounting, we work a lot with the Microsoft D365 program. I use this to book the company’s bank transactions, for example.

One task that I personally enjoy a lot is the cash register. Everything companies take in or spend on site, they send us, and we then document it in the system. Here, of course, accuracy is very important.

Keyword « Corona »: How does the current pandemic affect your everyday work?

The activities that I would otherwise have taken on in the office are now practically done from home. That’s okay too, unfortunately I don’t have two screens here like in the office – which is quite important for us – but it works that way.

The only thing that I personally miss is the contact with my colleagues. You don’t want to bother colleagues with frequent calls either, but just « go to the office next door for a moment » is of course no longer possible.

You have been in training for a year and a half now. Is there a personal highlight that you like to think back on?

One thing that I appreciate every day is that we in our « small” department – that is, in the main accounting and receivables management – know each other well, understand each other very well and, in addition to work topics, also talk about each other during the breaks can exchange private topics. We see ourselves here more as friends than as colleagues.

That made so much difference, especially at the beginning of my apprenticeship. I was not labeled as “she is a trainee; she has no idea” – on the contrary. I was welcomed very well from the start, my colleagues thought I could do a lot and given me sensible tasks. I felt very welcome in the department very quickly.

What makes the mobility sector so exciting for you personally?

I love to travel. It’s all a bit more difficult now, but I think it’s great that we help people get from one place to another – be it to another city or just down the street. I just think it’s great that we humans can make it easier to be mobile.

If you had the choice: bus, train, bike or car?

I don’t have a driver’s license, so the car is not an option. Bicycle – well, it always depends on the weather, so I’m more on the bus and train. My final answer is the train, because I use it more often, for example to go to work.

You work at the Berlin location and therefore in a very diverse and colorful city. Is this also reflected in the work environment? What are your personal views or experiences regarding “Diversity” at Transdev?

Of course, I can only speak for my department here. Diversity is an important topic and it also plays a role for us. Be it gender or origin, there are no limitations or exclusions. Even a slight lack of knowledge of German does not bother – after all, all that counts is the work we do.

How do you imagine your future in the Group? Do you already know what will happen to you after your apprenticeship?

You never know – but I already plan to continue working at Transdev. I like my colleagues, know the structures and processes and have already gained a lot of experience here.

Is there any advice that you would like to give future candidates and new trainees?

Don’t worry too much and just do it. I still remember how many thoughts I gave at the beginning of my apprenticeship – about how I should dress, how the other employees will accept me or whether I might not be trusted enough and end up making coffee and copying. Of course, that was completely unnecessary because it never happened.

So please don’t imagine the worst possible scenario. Everyone should just take everything as it comes, not drive yourself crazy – because in the end everything will always be wonderful.

Whether in another city or just down the street – I think it’s great that we humans can make it easier to be mobile.

Tuba Nur Turan

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