Ajenta Conrad, Ethics and Sustainability Manager in Australia

Ajenta Conrad, Ethics and Sustainability Manager in Australia

From Environmental Specialist for Sydney Light Rail to Ethics and Sustainability Manager for Transdev Australasia, Ajenta Conrad is on an upward trajectory working on mitigating ethics and sustainability risks for the company. Recently we sat down with Ajenta to learn more about her role and her experience working for Transdev Australasia.

How long ago did you join Transdev?

I joined Transdev Sydney in October 2014 as the Environmental Specialist, just before the current contract for Sydney Light Rail was won. It was such an exciting and memorable time to join the business, with the new contract introducing quite several environmental and sustainability requirements that have kept me busy for more than seven years now! In April of this year, I moved into the role of Ethics and Sustainability Manager, joining the Legal, Commercial and CSR Team.

What did you do before you joined Transdev?

I was working in consulting for about five years prior to joining Transdev. Initially, I started out in project engineering and then moved to environmental consulting.

How would you explain your role at Transdev?

My role is to develop strategies and systems that aim to mitigate ethics and sustainability risks, but also create opportunity to improve environment and social outcomes. Right now, we do this through our new Procurement Framework, our Ethics and Compliance Management System and the soon-to-be-unleashed Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy!

What’s something you’d like to tell people about your work that you might not normally get the chance to?  

It’s such an interesting and wonderful time to be involved in Ethics and Sustainability at Transdev. As there’s increased focus politically and from the community on these areas, we’ve got an opportunity to respond to significant issues like modern slavery and the increasing risk and intensity of climate change in a really meaningful way. It’s a tremendous privilege to play a part in this.

What’s been your favorite thing about working at Transdev so far?

People, people and the people. I have made some of my best friendships to this day at Transdev and found several legendary mentors that I’ll always look up to. It’s a true blessing to love the people you work with, so I consider myself very lucky!

What’s on your agenda for the next six months?

A key task will be the roll out of the Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy, which I’m hoping will provide a consistent approach to sustainability and climate change risk management across the business. Our new Procurement Framework received formal approval in April 2022 and I’m now working with the Procurement Team to deliver training on it, highlighting new ethical and sustainability requirements. Our team is also focused on opportunities to strengthen the Ethics Compliance Management System through the supplier onboarding process and other training initiatives.

What are you interested in outside of work?

Embarrassingly, I spend probably too much time-consuming low brow reality television. But I also love hanging out with my 4-year-old daughter, Jasmine, who is really fun and going to dinner/drinks with the aforementioned Transdev friends!

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