A woman who moves nations: Loretta Lynch, Managing Director Transdev Melbourne


Business leader and motorcycle enthusiast are just two terms that could be used to describe Transdev Melbourne’s Managing Director, Loretta Lynch. Now, a new podcast series has added a new term to describe her: a woman who moves nations.

Loretta will be featured in an upcoming episode of a new podcast series Women who Move Nations, produced by UITP Australia & New Zealand.

Each episode of the series features interviews with female leaders from across the globe sharing their insights on the big issues impacting mobility today, along with their career journeys.

Loretta said her participation in the podcast series was an opportunity to share her professional experience with others and hopefully encourage more women to pursue leadership roles in the transport industry.

There is ample research undertaken into organizational performance that demonstrates a clear link between diversity and improved performance outcomes. Having a platform, like this podcast series, which amplifies the voices of women is really important to showcase the female talent within our industry and demonstrate to younger women that a career in the transport industry can be both personally and professionally rewarding.


In the episode, which is released 14 August, Loretta discusses her various roles in the public transportation industry including Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer at G: link, the Gold Coast’s light rail operation.

Tune into UITP Australia & New Zealand’s Women Who Move Nations podcast series.

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