Transportation on demand : Mobility made to measure

Transdev places transportation at the heart of its mobility vision. Its ability to offer a wide variety of personalized solutions is based on technological innovation and listening closely to passengers' needs.

TOD is an alternative to public transportation when serving less densely populated areas, particularly in the suburbs and in rural regions, and also to meet specific demands. These may relate to people with reduced mobility, shared journeys, accessing remote destinations and so on.

Taxis and private hire: individualized choice

With a solid presence on the taxi market in the United States, Transdev is the biggest operator in Baltimore, Denver, Pittsburg, and Kansas City. In Europe, its Dutch subsidiary Connexion Taxi is the leader in the Netherlands, with 30% of the market. Transdev is also a partner of taxi companies in Sweden and France.

Private hire – passenger cars with a driver – is a solution that complements taxis and has become part of the urban transit ecosystem. Transdev has begun to deploy this service on the French market, drawing on its experience gained in the United States and the United Kingdom, where its subsidiary Greentomatocars is the second biggest private hire player.

Shared transportation, shared solutions

The concept of shared transportation covers, by its nature, a wide and evolving range of solutions based on shared services. Transdev contributes actively to the growth of this sector, which offers innovative, cost-effective, and ecological solutions.


This ride-sharing airport shuttle service offers unbeatable value for money, with passengers sharing efficiently organized journeys. 

Car sharing

Self-service car pools offer an individual yet shared mode of transportation that is playing an increasingly integral part in urban mobility. Transdev operates a number of car sharing schemes including Auto Bleue (Nice) and Yélomobile (La Rochelle). 

Accessible transportation: independence and safety

Accessible transportation allows people with disabilities or reduced mobility to be more independent and maintain their social activities. In addition to accessibility solutions for public transit, Transdev offers a service for people at home, providing the reassurance of comfort and safety, adapted to the individual’s specific disability needs.

Transdev also operates in the medical transportation sector in Canada and the Netherlands, where its subsidiary Connexxion is responsible for 17% of ambulance services.

In France, working with a renowned partner in sanitary transport services, Transdev has also established Santé Mobilité Services, which aims to optimise patient mobility and assist companies in the sector in their transformation.