Taking part in energy and ecological transition

As a responsible, civic-minded mobility operator, Transdev works hard to limit the impact of transportation on the environment. It helps local authorities as well as passengers switch to new modes of sustainable, low-carbon mobility.

A breath of fresh air for cities

To help cities improve their environmental impact – in particular by reducing greenhouse gas emissions – Transdev draws on its specialist expertise in existing technologies to offer the most relevant solutions for each region. These can range from alternative fuels, implementing standards for traditional vehicle fleets, hybrid vehicles, switching to all-electric systems, and more.

Innovative solutions are already in place in France and worldwide, from electric buses in Nice (Watt), the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom to a fleet of hybrid passenger boats in Toulon (Mistral).

Electric buses in Nice (Watt)

Guiding responsible travelers

Transdev is certain that public transit can play a role in encouraging people to adopt more sustainable mobility methods. It offers solutions that improve the way people get around, combining individual journeys with local authority provisions, and favoring public transit with real-time information, digital apps, high-quality services, high-performing networks, green modes, and more.

Optimod: innovation in sustainable mobility

With 20 million pieces of data processed in real-time, the smartphone app Optymod represents a unique technological achievement in Europe. Developed by Transdev and its subsidiary Cityway, Optimod uses multimodal GPS combined with one-hour predictive calculations to deliver information on all modes of transportation in a city, covering public transit, car, parking, bicycle, and foot. The app can calculate multimodal, multicriteria journeys, issue alerts, and suggest alternatives in case of incident.