The people of Transdev star in a new global campaign.

A campaign about how individual commitment creates a collective power to reckon with, a power that can truly make a difference.

A 360° campaign, with advertising movies, employee video portraits, print and web materials…

This campaign tells the world what we’re made of.

It’s the story of 81,715 diverse talents from different backgrounds, with different skills and personalities.

When we come together, we move the world forward.

Every day, we get up and make the first move, we care, share and dare. For us, removing barriers, unlocking opportunities for all and building a more sustainable future is just part of the job. It’s what we do.


This is our story, our pride, our journey.

We are Transdev.

The mobility company

Our purpose

“Our Purpose is what motivates us every day, and it is a compass and a guide for our decisions.


The concept of the common good it is central to who we are, and it is for the benefit of the communities we serve and this is something we want every team member to understand and be proud of.”


Thierry Mallet, Chairman & CEO of Transdev Group

“Our Purpose is embodied by three action verbs and express the essence of how we act; Care, Share, and Dare.


They are stronger than passive values, and this is what we want to show with this campaign. It is a campaign that expresses emotion, commitment, and sincerity, like our team members around the world who we also wanted to highlight here.”


Pascale Giet, Executive Vice President Group Communications





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