Reinventing mobility

At a time when profound changes in society, technology, and energy are impacting mobility, Transdev Group comes up with the solutions to move mobility forward and reinvent public transit.

Global expertise serving local communities

Thanks to its years of experience, its innovative approach and international presence, Transdev benefits from a global vision of mobility, allowing it to develop appropriate targeted solutions to suit the needs and contexts of each city, region, population and local authority.

Unique positioning

Transdev operates a portfolio of diverse activities drawing on complementary areas of expertise. It is a seasoned operator of mass public transit as well as individual and on-demand transportation. Combining this experience with its mastery of technological innovation, Transdev offers out-of-the-box solutions and guarantees a level of know-how that emerging players with digital backgrounds are unable to offer.

These special qualities form the cornerstone of the Group’s positioning and guide its strategy while boosting its status as a trusted international authority.

A pioneer of intermodality

In addition to its multimodal offer, the Group passionately supports the growth of intermodality. This is based on the principle of combining several modes of transport to form a rapid, easy and efficient journey.

As a pillar of an innovative and revolutionary vision of transportation, this emerging multimodal model brings opportunities and bolsters competitiveness in many areas, such as energy transition, making the best use of public funds, independence and choice for travelers, the development of digital, planning, and passenger information.