Thierry Mallet

“Since our first trials of fast-charging technologies in controlled environments in Nice, France, more than 5 years ago, the Living Lab Community has gathered and exchanges knowledge, thus opening the path to large-scale electrification of transit networks in almost all operational conditions in different parts of the world. Please feel welcome to join us to listen to, discuss and interact with the people that have been leading the energy transition that we are living today.”


Thierry Mallet, Chairman and CEO of the Transdev Group

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What is the Living Lab ?

The Living Lab is a long-term dynamic where a community of experts share and learn around new technologies, market trends and challenges of our industry.


Since early on, Transdev has decided to focus on Zero Emission technologies, convinced, since our first trials, that open dialogue between Transit Authorities, experts and operators is the only way to tackle the necessary transformation of our transit networks towards a more sustainable proposition for our passengers.


For the 6th time, the Zero Emission Living Lab Community gathers to exchange on projects, initiatives, ambitions, share learnings, best practices and bring an outlook on the exciting developments in months to come.


To discover our initiaves, access our feedback and be part of our community, join the Club.
You will be able to participate in exclusive conferences, workshops and learning expeditions organized in different countries where we are working to develop zero emission mobility.


On the program of this Zero Emission Workshop of the Living Lab 6th edition

December, 1rst 2021

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