Mobility services in city centers 

Accessing a city centre, tourist attraction, leisure complex or shopping centre represents a specific problem due to the pedestrianisation of certain areas, the management of arrival flows (by public transport or by car) and the challenge of facilitating access to such sites.


Consequently, how can we improve access to these busy and congested areas, while ensuring that their individual features and friendliness remain intact? How can we reduce congestion while ensuring an optimum service therein? Autonomous vehicle mobility services are electric, pedestrian-friendly and able to travel at a slower speed, therefore providing an interesting and safe transport solution to these challenges.


Indeed, in these constricted areas in which large numbers of people travel at certain extended or specific times, electric, small-capacity, shared autonomous mobility services are the ideal solution. They can also complement walking or parking options, thus making life easier for people with reduced mobility.


Autonomous transport services can even go beyond their primary function and play the role of an additional vector of communication and information for local authorities, shopkeepers and tourist attraction managers. Their onboard screens and associated digital media are perfect tools. Whether we are talking about shuttles or shared vehicle transport services, we work together with each local authority to select and design the most suitable solution to ensure seamless integration within the existing transport network.

Example: Verdun

During the summer of 2018, it will be possible to visit a shop, restaurant, or the town-centre river banks in Verdun using an autonomous and electric shuttle! This service, commissioned by the “Communauté d’agglomération du Grand Verdun” [Greater Verdun Conurbation] and Verdun Town Council is operated by Transdev.

This project is unique in France because it is the first autonomous town-centre shuttle on open roads in operation for longer than two months. This vehicle, the second-generation EasyMile EZ10, operates from Tuesdays to Saturdays between 1pm and 8pm in the heart of the town. Accessing shops, restaurants and the river banks will be easy and the main bus stops and park & ride sites will be serviced, ensuring seamless passenger journeys.


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This innovative and environmentally-friendly method of transport will enable residents and tourists alike to travel in a hassle-free manner all summer. The autonomous shuttle can carry up to 12 passengers and will cover 5 stops over 1.4 km, serving five stops every 12 minutes.

Passengers can also download a mobile app to view the precision location of the shuttle in real time, and the waiting time at each stop.

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