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On-demand transportation may have a greater role to play as people start getting back to the workplace and business districts with more people seeking personalized and more convenient mobility options.

The proximity to high-frequency transportation has long been seen as a major detractor against using public transit more regularly. By using smaller vehicles and providing a service when needed, demand-responsive transportation closes the gap.

Transdev Australasia is continuing to invest in new on-demand transportation and technologies, increasing its share in Australian-based shared-mobility company, Liftango.

Transdev Australasia’s Head of New Mobility, David Le Breton, said the development of smarter transportation solutions was crucial to rebuild transit ridership.


Customer-centric design of networks, services and infrastructure will be essential for getting people travelling again with confidence. Demand-responsive transportation provides flexibility and choice for customers, as it allows riders to book and pre-book services at a time that suits them best. We have a 30-year track record of delivering services throughout Australia and New Zealand and partnering with innovative companies like Liftango makes a lot of sense for us as we are able to marry innovation and operational rigor.

David Le Breton, Transdev Australasia’s Head of New Mobility

Transdev and Liftango continue to explore new opportunities in the local market.

Previously, the two companies had successfully operated seasonal and specialist services in Sydney. Currently, they are partnering on the MyMobigo on-demand shuttle service in Auckland.

In addition to on-demand transportation Liftango also provides corporate and community shuttles, climate-positive carpooling, and fixed-route services.


We see the follow-on investment by Transdev as a continued commitment to providing equitable and sustainable transportation to the region. Our ability to provide analytical support, demand-responsive transportation and integration to the broader transit network strengthens our partner’s capabilities and gives people more ways to access public transportation. We welcome Transdev’s vote in confidence as an ongoing partner and investor.

Trystan Eeles, Liftango COO and Co-Founder


Transdev Australasia established a 10% stake in Liftango in 2019. Following Liftango’s recent capital raising, Transdev has maintained its stake with additional investment in late-2021.

We are proud to continue our strong investment in local innovation and Liftango is a start-up that continues to deliver high quality and more convenient mobility solutions.

Trystan Eeles, Liftango COO and Co-Founder

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