Hong Kong Tramways caring for employees and passengers during the COVID-19 crisis


Under the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the world is submerged in the mist of anxiety and uncertainty. People around the globe are concerned about the potential risk of infection when going to public areas.

Understanding the concerns of the public, Transdev subsidiary Hong Kong Tramways (HKT) stepped up and correspondingly magnified the cleaning and sterilization of tramcars, ensuring the high-level hygiene and safety. In addition, “Sharing Love” campaign was launched to provide passengers and staff members an ease of mind to combat with the virus.

The campaign was aligned with HKT’s mission to ensure the well-being of the local community and provide the sincere service by putting customers foremost. It included initiatives of “Flash Mob – Sanitizer Spray Distribution” and “Sanitizer Spray Donation for Social Organization”. HKT also took an extra step by partnering with a local manufacturer to offer the “Made in HK” sanitizer sprays in the campaign, and guaranteed the products were well-qualified for sanitization.

The management members of HKT: Cyril Aubin (Managing Director), Eddie Yau (Senior HR & Admin Manager), Benjamin Lee (Operations Manager) and Nixon Cheung (Head of Commercial & Brand), teamed up for a flash mob of the sanitizer sprays distribution to the public and HKT staff members. The team visited the depots and hopped on board of the trams at various stations, wishing everyone good health with the complimentary sanitizer sprays. Over 1000 sanitizer sprays had been given to the passengers and staff members, and those special moments were shared by them on social media spreading the hope throughout the city!

In addition to the “Flash Mob”, HKT also reached out to one of the most reputable Charity Organizations in Hong Kong – “Hong Kong Red Cross” for “Sanitizer Spray Donation”, extending the tram love in the city. 1000 sanitizer sprays will be packed in the “Hong Kong Red Cross Care Kit” for the homeless and underprivileged families for their well-being amid the pandemic.

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