Mobi Me

What is MobiMe ? 

A mobile application dedicated to the driver


Facilitating exchanges between operators and drivers and engaging drivers in the company’s overall performance.


A solution accessible everywhere and adapted to all media


Value creation for all stakeholders


For operators: 

  • More time for local managers and planners
  • Manager refocused on higher value-added missions (presence in the field, monitoring of indicators, etc.)

Help in complying with social regulations


For the company : 


Modernization of the company’s image
Optimization of processes


For the employee : 

  • Empowerment of the driver
  • Improvement of the link/communication with the driver
  • Work comfort
  • Transparency in the follow-up of requests

For the customer : 

  • Improved quality of service (fewer unperformed runs, driver punctuality)

For the territory : 

  • Reduction of the carbon footprint:

üDecrease in the volume of paper

üDecrease in the number of kilometers travelled by the driver (long distance)


A flexible and customizable tool  : 


Agent segmentation

The administrator has the possibility to group agents according to filters on: work group, personnel category, assignment category, sector and contract type. This is the notion of typology.


Setting up the functions  


Once the typologies have been created, the administrator can carry out a fine tuning of the functions for each of the typologies. 


Choice of terminals/supports: 


The user has the possibility to create several types of devices (= supports) and to activate or not the functions defined beforehand for a given typology according to the type of device.