Decarbonized mobility, mobility for all: Transforming the way we move

Climate emergency, urban densification, technological breakthroughs, energy transition of infrastructures, digitalization, profusion of new uses... Mobility is at the forefront of the transitions shaking up urban landscapes across Europe.


The challenges facing stakeholders - whether they are strategic planners, builders, operators, citizen users, financiers, or entrepreneurs – are significant. They have to reconcile the combined imperatives of technological developments and the urgency of decarbonization, to support the diversity of use cases while guaranteeing access to mobility for all. They have to do so quickly, while guaranteeing the future resilience of infrastructures and services.


In this respect, the future of mobility is above all that of a decarbonized mobility, which meets the new needs of users while allowing access for all to public transport. It is under these conditions that our mobility will serve a desirable common future.


In 2023, The Mobility Sphere, a think tank on prospective mobility, intends to follow the main lines of all these transitions in order to think about their convergence, anticipate uses and imagine what tomorrow will bring for our short and long-distance travels.


Let’s envision together the 2050 paradigm of mobility.


12:00 - 1:00pm: reception of guests and lunch buffet


1:00 - 1:05pm: Opening by François Gemenne, IPCC member, Professor at HEC Paris and Sciences Po, Scientific Advisor to The Mobility Sphere


1:05 - 1:30pm: introduction by Antoine Grange, CEO Europe of Transdev, Chairman of The Mobility Sphere


1:30 - 2:30 pm: panel 1 - Desirable and decarbonized mobility: How to anticipate and adapt to uses?

  • Karima Delli, Member of the European Parliament, Chair of the Committee on Transport and Tourism (EU)
  • Katarína Cséfalvayová, Director of the Institute for Central Europe & Executive Lead of the Danube Tech Valley Initiative, Former Member of Parliament (Slovakia)
  • Zeina Nazer, Co-Founder of Cities Forum (United Kingdom)

Moderated by François Gemenne, IPCC member, Professor at HEC Paris and Sciences Po, Scientific Advisor to The Mobility Sphere.


2:30 - 3:30 pm: panel 2 - Desirable mobility for all: How to foster an inclusive shift towards decarbonization?

  • Charlotte Halpern, Researcher at Sciences Po’s Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics (France)
  • Madeleine Masse, Architect Urban Planner, Founding President of Atelier SOIL (France)
  • Brian Caulfield, Professor in transportation and Head of Department at Trinity College Dublin, Expert to the National Transport Authorithy  (Ireland)

Moderated by François Gemenne.


3:30 - 4:00pm: keynote by Elke Van den Brandt, Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, responsible for Mobility, Public Works and Road Safety (Belgium)


4:00 - 4:30pm: Keynote by Samah Karaki, Neuroscientist – Transitioning towards Sustainable Mobility: Cognitive Biases and the Impact of Social Environment 


4:30pm – 5:00 pm: wrap up and outlooks: Shaping tomorrow's Perspectives, by François Gemenne, IPCC member, Scientific Advisor to The Mobility Sphere


5:00 - 6:00: networking time and end of the Forum