Preparing for future mobility

To remain attractive and competitive in a context of profound change in transportation, due to the breaking down of barriers between public and individual transit, Transdev is engaging, transforming, anticipating, and innovating.

Innovation is at the heart of Transdev’s business

For Transdev, continuous innovation is a means of generating operational performance and accelerating growth. Innovation is at the heart of its business fundamentals, its products, services and processes – maintenance, safety, operations - with apps such as Télédiagnostic or TouCango for ticketing, as well as contactless payments, the customer experience and more.

Business fundamentals

Customer experience

New services

Digital solutions

At Transdev, innovation is approached in a practical, open-minded way through dynamic internal mobilization, leading to new ideas, their implementation, and shared experiences. These innovative initiatives are generated and shared through systems such as Innov’Boost, Innov’Box and Innov’Share.

Innov’Boost and Innov’Share

Reflecting support for innovative approaches, Transdev has created two systems to encourage employees to put forward ideas for new projects: Innov’Boost and Innov’Share. The purpose is to encourage people to come up with innovative concepts, and to share, optimize and test them. The best ones are then implemented.

Mobility as a Service

For Transdev, innovation also means trying out new approaches in order to anticipate and be present where future value will be created.

In all its businesses, Transdev serves customers and passengers to its best ability by offering new, sometimes disruptive solutions, particularly in terms of digital, technology, and energy.

Transdev bases its innovation strategy on its vision of future mobility, designed as a chain of solutions that can meet individuals’ needs to get around in a fluid, efficient, and individualized way.

Mobility is also destined to become a global service that will provide travelers with multiple solutions, so they will no longer need to choose between public and individual transportation.

Transdev Digital Factory

Transdev Digital Factory is a structure designed for experimentation and incubation, dedicated entirely to disruptive innovation. This structure brings together the strongest internal digital expertise, coupled with partnerships with ground-breaking start-ups, thereby helping to spread technological innovation throughout the Group.