Innovating to create the mobility of the future 

We provide public transport authorities and passengers with new digital, technological and energy-related solutions in an environment where user patterns are evolving and mobility is experiencing profound change.

The P.A.C.E’s revolution

Transdev anticipates change, convecing the mobility of the future which will be P.A.C.E : Personalised, Autonomous, Connected and Electric.

Transdev PACE

PROMOTE personalised mobility tailored to needs to improve passenger journey

Mobility tailored to needs to improve passenger journey This means mobility combining multiple modes of transport with on-demand solutions to optimize the choices and convenience of every passenger. With MaaS (Mobility as a Service) we harness the best possible leverage from complementary modes. The concept is being tested in Helsinki under the name “Whim”, where a single mobile app and a single travel pass give access to all the available transport services, including taxis. In Saint-Etienne, France, the Moovizy app offers real-time multimodal information and purchase of travel tickets. 

DEVELOP services using driverless vehicles

Flexible, economical, clean and capable of completing the first or last mile of a public transport journey: autonomous vehicles have a promising future. As pioneers in the field thanks to a series of pilot tests in several countries, we today operate the world’s first-ever fully electric commercial driverless vehicle service: on the EDF campus in Civaux, France. We have also joined forces with Renault-Nissan to jointly develop a driverless vehicle fleet system. 

OFFER increasingly-connected mobility

Because digital technology adds to the appeal of public transport, we invent innovative services such as mobile text tickets (Rouen, France), real-time predictive passenger information (Triplinx in Canada) and an application to plan last-mile transport in areas without regular services (HyperLINK in the USA, BRENGflex in the Netherlands, Chronopro in France). 20million pieces of data processed in real-time every day by Optymod, a multimodal predictive GPS-based smartphone app developed by Transdev and Cityway 170 all-electric buses including 62 high-capacity vehicles fitted with the latest available storage and charging technology 

ENCOURAGE eco-mobility

With the benefit of our acknowledged know-how, we test and operate a wide range of low-pollution transport solutions. Whether the idea is to replace an aging diesel fleet, reduce consumption and emissions through hybrid or full-electric vehicles or introduce “zero emission” fleets, we support local authorities in selecting and running alternative solutions.

Innovation at the heart of our organization

At Transdev, innovation is approached in a practical, open-minded way through dynamic internal mobilization, leading to new ideas, their implementation, and shared experiences. These innovative initiatives are generated and shared through systems such as Innov’Cluster.

Reflecting support for innovative approaches, Transdev has created a system to encourage employees to put forward ideas for new projects: Innov’Cluster. The purpose is to encourage people to come up with innovative concepts, and to share, optimize and test them. The best ones are then implemented.

The United States and Australia-New Zealand innov’Cluster teams

Transdev Digital Factory

Transdev Digital Factory is a structure designed for experimentation and incubation, dedicated entirely to disruptive innovation. This structure brings together the strongest internal digital expertise, coupled with partnerships with ground-breaking start-ups, thereby helping to spread technological innovation throughout the Group.