Working towards responsible mobility

Transdev contributes to the harmonious development of cities and regions by ensuring a positive experience for passengers and by supporting the environment.

A core principle of the Group's strategy

CSR is a core element of Transdev’s business activities, strategy, and governance. Considered as a means of achieving progress and encouraging social cohesion, CSR has its own dedicated department, and the strategy is defined at the highest Group level.

The Group’s CSR commitments are in line with the mission of its longstanding shareholder as well as Transdev’s own values and ethical principles. They apply to all areas of activity, including international.

Concrete, motivating actions

Transdev’s CSR policy is aimed at creating responsible mobility solutions for the present and the future, through dialog with all stakeholders, in the interests of the public and regional growth.

In real terms, this takes effect in three areas:

  • Environment, by offering customers and passengers attractive, modular, community-focused transit systems, as well as opportunities for dialog, and by encouraging good environmental practice.

  • Employees, by mobilizing all of Transdev's people so that their passengers benefit from the best mobility solutions, and so that they can do their jobs with pride and passion, see their ideas come to fruition, learn new skills, and contribute to the team effort, particularly in terms of safety.

  • Community, by getting involved in local communities through awareness-raising campaigns, particularly aimed at future passengers, and by encouraging social and urban cohesion, favoring responsible buying, and including suppliers in the CSR process.