To offer the very best in mobility

Our expertise, our wish to be transparent in relations with our customers, partners and employees, as well as our high safety standards, form the foundations of our trusted brand. This trust is based on clearly defined and shared values.

Safety: an essential need

For Transdev, safety is both an essential priority and the foundation on which is built, day after day, our relations of trust, respect and partnership with passengers, customers, employees and, more generally, all components of the Group’s environment.

This engagement is supported by a dedicated Group policy. It is also the subject of a specific managerial approach and a program of ongoing assessment.

Values that unite us


Everywhere in the world, passion is at the heart of our people’s commitment in their day-to-day work.


We encourage performance in every action, both individual and collective.


We work closely with all our customers, share the same culture with them, and listen to them constantly.


In response to local and global mobility challenges, we work hard to innovate while fulfilling our day-to-day obligations